Article 1 : Monthly Meeting

  • A)The members meeting will be held on the third Monday of every month as a rule except when the special event is scheduled. The meeting shall normally convene at 6:30p.m. for cocktails followed by dinner or at 12:00 for lunch. The Secretary shall notify all members of the meeting details at least one week prior to the meeting. No meeting shall be held in August.
  • B)The committee may alter the regular meeting date or time for a special purpose.
  • C)Attending members shall sign their names in the roll book.
  • D)Any member who does not attend at least three regular meetings during a Skal year shall be subject to a written warning from the secretary. Failure by a member receiving such warning to improve his attendance during the following year may result in cancellation of his membership. Out-of-town meetings such as overseas outings or National Committee joint meetings held in other cities shall, however, be included for purpose of considering minimum attendance requirements.
  • E)The member must wear the Skal symbol (badge, tie or other item) when attending the meeting or be subject to a fine of ¥1,000.-.
  • F)No guests shall be admitted to the monthly meetings unless the Committee has designated it open for them. However, members are free to invite any visitor as a guest who is a member of Skal Club enrolled in A.I.S.C. but should give prior notice to the Secretary.
  • G)Each member shall be allowed to bring one guest to the Christmas party and other special events who will be charged a fee to be determined based on the actual cost to the Club.
  • H)Visiting members, Transfer Active members not yet accepted into the Club, Associate members and those non-member guests accepted under the stipulations of F) above shall sign their names in the designated membership roll book and shall pay a fee which will be decided at each meeting based on the actual cost to the Club.
  • I)Penalty of No shows, Same day cancellation
    No Show: 100% of the meeting cost (¥13,000.-)
    Same day Cancellation: 50% of the meeting cost (¥6,000.-)

Article 2 : Admission Fee

  • A)Active members: ¥20,000.-
    The Transfer Active Members shall be exempted from the admission.
  • B)Associate members: ¥10,000.-
    The Associate Member who has changed status from Active membership shall be exempted from paying the admission fee.
  • C)Young SKAL members: ¥10,000.-
  • D)No refund will be made.

Article 3 : Annual Subscriptions

  • A)Active members: ¥100,000. per annum which includes expense for monthly meetings and other expenses as defined in Article 25 of the Statutes. A reduction in the subscription may be allowed in the case of new members admitted effective from following month.
    ¥80,000. Admission after April
    ¥60,000. Admission after July
    ¥40,000. Admission after October
    A) refund of 50% of the subscription may be allowed in the case of withdrawals of membership before 30th June.
  • B)Associate members: Same as above A) but no refund will be made at the time of withdrawal.
  • C)Young SKAL members: ¥35,000. per annum which includes expense for any 3 monthly meetings and annual fee for SKAL Asia and International; however, Young SKAL member need to pay extra fee for AGM(2,000yen), Hilton(3,000yen) and Christmas(6,000yen) meetings. If they wish to attend more than 3 meetings, actual fee will be applied at the door. No refund will be made at the time of withdrawal. Young SKAL members may attend National Congress and AGM as an observer without voting right. For further details of Young SKAL members, please click here.

Article 4 : Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting shall be convened in January. The Secretary and Treasure shall submit a written agenda to all members at least one week prior to the date of the meeting.

Article 5 : Donation

Any members may feel free to donate to the club fund for whatever his motivation may be.

Article 6 : Amendment of By-Laws

The By-Laws may only be amended at an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting and all decisions shall be taken by majority of the Active Members and Life Members present and voting.

Article 7 : Admission

  • A)A maximum of two persons shall be allowed to be members from one organization. But there must be at least one year waiting period between the acceptance of the first applicant from the organization and the acceptance of the second applicant from the same organization. This is to be sure that as many organizations as possible are represented in the club. Qualification is based on A.I.S.C. laws but it is preferable the person is top or second position of the organization.
  • B)Screening of applicants will be done by committee meeting. Applicant is required to get a unanimous vote of committee members and a majority vote of Active members and Life members to be a member.
  • C)Limitation of number of Active Members
    Number of Active members is limited to 67 except for Transferred Active members. Limit of number in each category is
    Government Tourist Office/Others : 10
    Travel Agent Tour Operator : 22
    Hotel : 10
    Airline : 20
    Total : 67
  • D)Admission months are January, April, July and October.

Article 8 : Registration Fee, Travelling Expenses For Events

  • A)Osaka Skal must send at least one representative from the Club to A.I.S.C. Congress or Asia Assembly.
  • B)A subsidy grant in the amount of ¥100,000.-will be allotted according to the following criteria:
    • ①When the President or Secretary of the Club attends the Congress or Assemble, a total of ¥100,000.- will be given by the Club.
    • ②In case one or more Committee Members attends the Congress or Assembly instead of the President or Secretary of the Club, a total of ¥100,000.- will be allotted by the Club.
    • ③If Committee Members are not be able to attend the Congress or Assembly, an Active Members can be designated to attend for which a total of ¥100,000.- will be given by the Club.
    • ④As for the subsidy (¥100,000.-) for the Congress or Assembly, the Committee will decide for which of these meetings (Congress or Assembly) the subsidy will be used.
    • ⑤The Committee will ultimately decide if SKAL funds will be designated and how much will be appropriated (up to ¥100,000.-). Note: In case where an attendee’s company will cover all expenses, Skal funds will not be appropriated. However, if the company covers part or none of an attendee’s expenses, the Secretary will determine if and how much money will be designated.
  • C)As Committee members must attend National and Joint Meetings, transportation fee for the Committee Members will be covered by the Club.

April 1990 Edition
Revised in January 2003
Revised in January 2016
Revised in April 2017